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Making it easier to complete the missions in GTA V


GTA has remained in the rankings of the best multiplatform games for years in a row. One of the reasons for this is the huge number of scenarios and a lot of possibilities for the gamer. It is not only the missions of the game that create a unique atmosphere, but also the history of San Andreas and the characters that carry the baggage of the past. 

Don't forget that in GTA V some tricks and secrets can make the game easier to pass or at least make it much more interesting.


Each character has his gadget from which he can call any number, even those that are not in the contacts.

  • It is the phone numbers that are used in GTA V as cheat codes.

Interestingly, Franklin's, Trevor's, and Michael's phones are prototypes of real-life devices, and even more - Franklin's carrier, Badger, is a game-reformed T-Mobile carrier, one of the most popular in America.

If Franklin's phone looks more like a Samsung Galaxy, then looking at the other characters' devices, you immediately find similarities between Michael's phone and the iPhone, and Trevor's Facade, with the Nokia Lumia shell and Windows operating system.

Players can not only call, send and receive messages, but also invite friends to the online game.

The phone also displays the game time and day of the week, which can come in handy during some missions, especially such as races.

Quick health replenishment and auto repair

If a character is low on oxygen due to a long drive and you don't have time to get to the surface, the best option is to switch between characters.

  • This should be done very quickly. In some cases, it is not possible to save the character in this way, but more often than not, these actions justify themselves and the character comes back to normal.

It also works in cases where the player has suffered serious damage.

A similar trick can be used with cars, in cases when they are damaged and can not pick up the former speed. 

  • It is worth mentioning that the glass can remain broken or, during the switch, the car can disappear at all, but this does not happen often.  

  • If you want to ride downhill with a breeze, you don't have to take a long, tedious ride uphill. It is not the case when the proverb: "If you like to ride, you'll love to take the sled. In GTA V you can use the trick:

  • With the bike, you can go directly into the cabin of the cable car, and there will only have to decide on the route. If you need to transport your bike to a remote area, the best way is to use a pickup truck. To make it easier to load it into the car, you just have to jump inside the luggage compartment push the doors open a little, and then put the bike in.