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'Palianitsya' teaches you Ukrainian


If you just switched to Ukrainian or you want to enrich your vocabulary, now you can do without buying huge books, most of which are like school years.

Yevgen Bondar and his team created a handy add-on Palianytsia App, which combines a lexical search engine, a dictionary of synonyms and terms, and a translator.

If you do not know whether a word is used or not. 

Enter it in the search engine and get information about how it was used in the authoritative sources. If there are several journals, it means that this is what they say.

Am I reading it in the right context?

You can find the best way to say what you think after seeing how well the word or phrase is used. If the word does not fit - you can always refer to the Dictionary of Synonyms, which is also included in the addendum.

How do I know that this is the word I want to use?

Each word is given a context - you can see it in the environment, text, or speech. This is what makes it possible to understand what is being said, to identify the type of vocabulary and emotional coloring of the given sentence. If you want to take a more sophisticated approach to the definition of the word, you can go for a direct reference to the source in which the word is used.

Also, the owners of the app actively interact with Instagram, and Facebook users and regularly share interpretations, phrases, words of other words, and other helpful information related to the Ukrainian language.

The lexical search engine is available both on IOS and Android platforms.