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Marriage in Diia


Beta testing of the marriage application has started on the Diia platform. According to the Ministry of Digital Information, the marriage procedure will be simplified as much as possible and transferred to an online format:

"We simplify the marriage application - you do not need to go to the registry office, and the whole procedure will last up to 10 minutes."

If you can attribute yourself to those who are bored with the standard wedding format with planning in a couple of months, re-registration of documents, a bunch of guests, and a drunken third cousin, then this concept will be to your liking.

"Previously, to apply for marriage, it was necessary to go to the registry office, fill out papers, manually enter personal information, and pass the check of the state registrar. Then go to the bank to pay the state fee and return to the institution again. After that, discuss the format of the ceremony and only then return home and wait for the scheduled date."

Earlier, the head of the Ministry of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov noted: "For example, we want to develop an opportunity to get married in the meta-universe," and immediately added: "It's cool that you don't have to invite all your relatives." 

His plans are starting to come to fruition a little bit, soon it will be possible to simplify the procedure of getting married in "Diya", but for now it will not be possible to fully translate it into the meta-universe.

The available options will be:

  • Applying for marriage registration

  • Choice of location and a convenient time for the ceremony

  • Choice of additional services

  • Military personnel will have the opportunity to attend the ceremony via video conference

Any Ukrainian man or woman who has reached the age of majority and has an electronic signature and, of course, a couple can join the beta testing.

Keep in mind that your application will go through real registration and processing, so it's better to avoid marrying your friends or the pretty neighbor from downstairs.