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Kyiv recognized as one of the smartest cities


World Smart City Expo is the world's largest annual event where the experience of creating a system of "smart" cities is discussed and the most successfully implemented projects and initiatives aimed at increasing the level of digitalization and comfort of city residents are celebrated. This year's awarding ceremony took place at the congress in Barcelona. The number of applications competing for the main award reached 337 from 60 countries, but the jury almost unanimously recognized Kyiv as the winner of the competition, which for the first time reached the World Smart City final.

"The honorary jury has decided to award the city award of special recognition to Kyiv for strengthening the sustainability and continuity of service to citizens," the official website of the World Smart City Expo says.

About the Kyiv Digital app 

The Kyiv Digital application is the successor to Kyiv Smart City, which was launched in 2019 and was used to buy tickets for public transport, pay for parking spaces and help solve problems related to car evacuation.

"Kyiv Digital" was released 2 years later, in 2021, but had much more useful details that make the life of Kyiv residents much more comfortable.

The following options are currently available in the application:

  • Receiving notifications about air alarms or the work of utilities

  • Payment for parking and checking the validity of the subscription for it, determining the location of the car

  • The function of returning an evacuated car from the impound lot without queues

  • Payment for housing and communal services 

  • Payment for public transport and tracking its movement in the city

  • Voting for electronic petitions

  • Ability to notify about damaged or destroyed buildings due to the war

  • Registration to the ASCs

  • Control of information on the provision of services and the impact of feedback on the development of the city

"This year, the capital of Ukraine was noted among many cities from around the world. Kyiv was recognized for its achievements in the development of a "smart" municipal management system. Unfortunately, I could not receive the award personally, but soon it will come to Kyiv.

Despite all the attempts of the aggressor to break us, we continue to implement digital technologies to provide Kyiv residents with online services, strengthen security, to create a mobility system in the city. New challenges make Kyiv even more resilient, technologically advanced, and stronger!" - said the mayor of the city, Vitali Klitschko, on the official telegram channel.