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SpaceX in Ukraine


`Starlink Ukraine (Starlink Ukraine) has received the operator's registration. The company was recently included in the Register of Electronic Communications Service Providers under number 1. SpaceX representative office will soon start active work in Ukraine!`, - Mikhailo Fedorov announced on June 9 on his Telegram channel.

As we remember, a few batches of Starlink satellite Internet stations arrived in Ukraine back in February, because, as Fedorov said: 

`War makes the impossible possible both negatively and positively.`

At that time SpaceX was added to the Register of Communications Providers and Services at number 1, even though it was closed for public access until the end of the state of war in Ukraine. 

On December 20, the State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine allowed the Starlink terminals to be used by critical infrastructure and for general needs by all categories of users.

The need for Starlink satellite Internet stations for Ukraine

Starlinks is very relevant in critical situations because they provide connectivity even in conditions when there is no access to other forms of communication.

Currently, over 10,000 stations are used for the needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, helping to keep in touch and support the work of medical institutions, and energetical and telecommunications facilities.