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Cybersports synopsis pt. 2


In the first part, we identified several cybersports companies that left the Russian market, responding to the military aggression in Ukraine.

Here we will tell you what contribution international digital corporations and international tournament organizing companies made to achieve peace in Ukraine.

A low number of international and Ukrainian "game dev" companies made

direct donations to humanitarian support funds, while others are collecting aid for the army or are actively engaged in volunteering themselves. 

Oleksandr Potapenko of the company TinyBuild said that thanks to the efforts of volunteers from Lithuania and Latvia a whole truckload of medical supplies was delivered to Rivne.

Rumunsk studio PGL, which is the organizer of the next CS: GO major, released an official statement about the participation of Russian organizations in the PGL Antwerp Major. 

The organizers have forbidden the Russian Virtus. pro and Gambit to participate in the major and inclusion RMR-tournaments because the teams are subsidiaries of large Russian companies that have close ties with the Russian government and are one of the largest taxpayers, and also finance the war in Ukraine.

But the players of these teams still will have the opportunity to play, but under a different name, without sponsors, and under a neutral prop, without any tricolors in the frame.

WePlay Esports is making the broadcasts of the sporting tournaments in Russian. 

The company announced that it will focus on Ukrainian projects, as well as continue to hold tournaments and English language studios analytics.

Immediately after the escalation of the Russian-Ukrainian war, Twitch announced that it would take steps to "stop disinformers from using our service". However, the TTP report demonstrated that these measures, if any, did not bring the desired results. 

Thus, the Center for Investigations specialists found a set of channels that spread the ideas of "denazification" of Ukraine and fight against bio-laboratories on our territory.

After the report was published, Twitch immediately banned a few of the aforementioned accounts and started investigating the decision. According to TTP representatives, part of the accounts had monetization and earned money on the platform and brought the income from advertising.

One of the accounts, InfraredShow, was even verified and had over 20,000 subscribers. Immediately after the ban, he started broadcasting on YouTube, where he has not been banned yet. This account regularly broadcasted a pro-Russian message with "VLADIMIR P*TIN IS GOOD" on the screen.

And the last, but not the least significant novelty:

PlayStation 4/5 received support for the Ukrainian language!