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Modern Vocabulary


The challenges of today require coding, but we gamers who are familiar with the terms are not used to it. As no one else is close to the terms of Dota, let's also draw parallels with today's needs and interpret them three times.

Buff - the uncluttered, spritzes, decisiveness - not indifferent positive effect, which has every Ukrainian, and here we already have a significant advantage.

Cooldown is something that cannot be allowed on the enemy side. By the way, just then you can replenish your savings of scrap metal.

Creeps - mere extras, cannon fodder. On the enemy side of such characters are all who enter our territory, in this context would also be an acceptable term "feeder".

Debuff - losses and mental hurting of the enemy, which increases every second.

  • One look of a Ukrainian soldier at a pathetic assassin"warrior" causes blood starvation in the veins and a ”runaway reflex”, we remember that such should be caught, following the example of thinkers from the Poltava region.

Deny is a murderer of the union creep, which is very close to the katsapian heart. But we can never understand this behavior, we can only be grateful for the increased trophies of the Ukrainian army.

Gank - several heroes unite to attack the enemy and kill him.

  • A striking example of the use of this strategy is the brilliant tactics of the Obolon’s guys, who used a piece of the route to deactivate the enemy in the shortest possible time.

Def - protection of the native building, district, country.

Truesight - an effect that gives you the ability to see unremembered evil. It is available to anyone who has a phone and a video camera and can film the hostile battalion movement.

Team kills - capturing all thieves' colonies.

Solo - a tactic of saboteurs, on which the enemy puts at least some hope, but, seriously, do they think that this is appropriate in Troy or Obolon? They found where to go)

Silence - the special effect of the debuff when the enemy finishes a diesel fuel or humanitarian.

  • However, we know what to do with it, if orcs come to you longing to replenish their supply. We don't have any, but we can help you with the fuel.

To the diesel fuel can be added:

  • Motor oil to the maximum

  • Gasoline or kerosene in the ratio of 4:1

  • 2 to 3 tons of dirt/soil/salt/soda on the canister

  • 4-5 liters of salt solution per canister

The smoke of Deceit - allows the whole team to disappear from the field of vision of the enemy.

We know that the best way to become invisible to the invaders:

  • deactivate geolocation

  • do not report your location and the location of the crash or impact

  • collect and destroy enemy's markings

  • clean up traffic signs

  • if they ask you about the road - take them in the wrong direction, ask control questions such as: "Where is the nearest monobank depo?", "When are the beetles roaring?", "What does a reindeers look like?", "What do dead bees do?". And, most importantly, to ask for the word "palyanitsa".

 Try to fight the enemy and everything will be Ukraine!