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My cat backstabbed me


Backstab is a sneaky, unexpected attack. 

Literally sounds like a stab in the back. In some games it can have a direct meaning, but is also used in any case, when the enemy stealthily attacked you: 

A backdoor entry is a real backstab.

This word is often used in English. In simple conversation, it can mean betrayal:

Because of Charles' backstabbing, help isn't coming anytime soon.

The second question, about the cats, should have been answered as well, but unfortunately they declined the interview.

To make a Bash in the game is to stun your opponent. Also means - to make a strong blow with the possibility of depriving the enemy of hearing.

In English it is defined as "bash". In the game Dota 2 there are several heroes with this skill: Braker, Volid and Spirit. In Dota 2 the ability to bash is a bit wider than in normal games. The item Skull Basher gives the opportunity to stun your opponent when attacking, but it should be noted that the chance is not a hundred percent.

  • Can meet the expression: "bash for bash", which means to exchange something or get something in return, without loss or gain, in other words - an equal exchange. "Took bash for bash" means to make a profit equal to spending.

In programming, "Bash" is a command shell, quite popular in the Linux environment. It is a command processor that runs in a command window and can also read file commands - a script. It supports autocomplete filenames and directories, substitution of command result input, variables, controls the order of execution.

You can notice that the meaning of the word in ordinary usage is very different from the functions the program performs, and it is impossible to find anything in common between them. So why is the program called "Bash"

It's simpler than it might seem at first sight. The name "Bash" is an acronym for Bourne-to-shell, which is a play on words: Bourne - shell. Now the name of the program seems quite logical. Because the translation sounds like this: a shell that has been reborn. Thus, there is nothing in common between the word "stun" and the program.