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Esports vocabulary


One of the most popular video games is Dota 2.

It is Dota that breaks records for the number of people who are online at one time. The funny thing is that it crosses its own mark every time.

If on March 14, 2020 online was 690 thousand people, then on March 29 was already more than 730 thousand, which means that in just over 2 weeks the audience has grown by 40 thousand!

As you've already realized, Dota is a community that's gaining momentum all the time. An integral part of any game is a unique vocabulary that only those who spend a lot of time on the sport will understand. It's about the specific words from Dota we'll tell you next.

Now you can even learn the alphabet from Dota. Dictionaries aren't the same anymore.

Aggro - is an indicator that alerts you that your hero is a potential victim of controlled structures and monsters.

If enemy heroes start hitting your character, this means you've "caught an aggro".

This also applies to towers.

 "Help, I'm getting aggro."

Art  (artifact, art) - one of the variants, the name of the game item. Art gives the hero bonuses and can add unique effects, pluses to the characteristics, as well as special features. So to speak, they pump up the player. If you collect the right artifacts in time - the probability that you will have a successful hero increases. These same artifacts can also be bought in some of the shops on the playing card.

"What artifacts should my character collect?"