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Esports vocabulary


AFK (away from keyboard) - literally translates as away from the computer, the keyboard.  A gamer's alternative to the term «went offline».

Thanks to the frequent use of the term in the games, it became a word that we can often see and hear in everyday life .  If you remember one of the first messengers ICQ 90's, there, in some versions, «AFK» was used as a status.  But it began to be actively used due to computer games: CS, Dota, and many others.

A large number of players use the term in the game rooms, often used if the player needs to get away from the computer for a small amount of time.

I need to step away for a few minutes, afk

Let's finish the game, I need afk

«AFK»  is also replaced by the simple word «away», which also means absence.

Another term often used is «back», which means return to the game.

Brb, Back. When you are back you need to tell your teammates about it and to do this you can use a simple word «back» which will mean that you are back in the game.

There is another term that means returning to the game – «anew», but it has not gained much popularity compared to the first option.

There is also a variant of «brb» which actually has the same meaning as «back», but completely sounds like: to be right back, which means «right back in the game».

BB (bye, bye) - means to say goodbye to a team or person in the game.