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The most popular keyboard shortcuts


How to speed up your work at the computer, but at the same time to make it as good as before? Everyone knows the simple combinations: Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, but the list of keys that will help you make your work faster. We'll help you make the routine of sitting at your PC easier and give you some tips on how to improve your efficiency. Well, here are some little hotkey tips.

  • Ctrl+C - copy. To see what you copied, in MS Office, press Ctrl+C twice
  • Ctrl+N - create a new document.
  • Ctrl+O - open a document or program.

And how many times we were worried that the document was not saved and each time we hovered the mouse over the icon "save" and waited: "If only everything was normal, and not as it always was". We are close to the feeling when at the most important moment suddenly everything crashes, and the computer begins to show its character. Simple keys:

  • Ctrl+S - keep you from failing, and with it your file
  • Ctrl+V - paste.
  • Ctrl+W - close the window
  • Ctrl+X - cut. And you thought there were only keys for "copy" and "paste"?
  • Ctrl+Z - cancel the last action. I wish we could do that in real life.
  • Ctrl+Y - in case you realized that the action was still the right one, you can repeat the action that you undid.
  • Ctrl+Home - move to the beginning of the document.
  • Ctrl+End - move to the end of the document.
  • Alt+Tab - gives you the ability to switch between open windows.

And now a little more details:

hold down the Alt key, press Tab several times, and then, select the window you want.

  • Windows+Tab - performs the same function as the previous keys, but, using this combination, you must press Enter at the end.
  • Alt+Tab+Shift and Windows+Tab+Shift - scroll the windows in reverse order 

With Alt, we call the system window menu. You work there by pressing the keys (Alt + letter) or the arrows. After you press Alt, the highlighted letters appear and you use them to open a certain section of the menu.

  • Shift+F10 - open the object window, which you can select with the "up/down" arrows. This combination replaces the right mouse button.

And for more convenient use of

Windows there is an option to create individual keys to quickly enable the desired program.

How to do it?

On the desktop, right-click on the program shortcut, select "Properties". Then in the dialog box, find the "Shortcut" box. In the "Shortcuts" item, press the key that should be responsible for opening it quickly.

Ctrl+Alt before the selected key will appear automatically. To open the program, just press Ctrl+Alt+your key.