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The “smartest” masks


We're used to smartphones, cars, even houses. What about masks?

Razer has taken all the current problems and solved them. They made a mask with modern design and features then they called Project Hazel.

Was it successful?

According to the specs of the mask:

  • Classified as a surgical N95

  • Is water resistant, which will help prevent contact with any liquid

  • Filters at least 95% of airborne particles

  • Comes with a charging case which has a UV light that kills bacteria and viruses while charging the mask

The advantage is also the free communication. Also thanks to the transparent panel of the respirator, people can see your facial expressions.

To communicate comfortably at night, the mask has a backlight that turns on automatically.

According to the release of the mask was recent there have been no reviews on it yet, so we took the information solely from Razer's claims.

So we'll continue to follow the news further down the line.

  • Experts say that Razer computer equipment is one of the best that exists at the moment. We completely agree with them, which is why we have their computer mice in our clubs.