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Valorant is a tactical shooter that came out in the summer of 2020. Going into the game, you immediately pay attention to the cartoon graphics, because of it a lot of people compare Valorant with Overwatch, but do not forget that the first game - a first-person shooter, while the second - the team shooter.  If we even compare Valorant with other variations of this genre, we will see much more similarities comparing it with Counter-Strike.

General rules and what should I pay attention to? 

In each match there are two teams, each with five players. Each can choose only one identical hero for the whole team. The essence of the game is quite simple - kill all the attackers and the terrorists - lay a bomb called Spike.Matches last until 13 wins. Each player chooses one of 10 possible agents. But who are these agents? Let's break it down.

We can distinguish 4 classes of agents, each character is endowed with unique features appearance:

  • The instigators - a class of intelligence, which finds the location of the opponent, and can also do a lot of damage. This class is for those who have already figured out the game and are ready to move around the map a lot, helping the team capture territory.

  • Specialists - is considered a versatile class that can perform quite well in defense and defense. Best suited for the game if you are a beginner. Also, choosing this class makes it easier for you than others to gain an advantage. 

  • Guardians is a defensive class that can learn enemy positions and hold your position on occasion. Requires good interaction with the map.

  • Duelists - an attack class. Ideal for those who like a fast game. But the big disadvantage is that their abilities are specific and need to get used to them.

Useful tips that will help you to become a real pro, even if you just started playing Valorant.

  • Run quiet

Yes, yes, there are special noise indicators in this game. Of course, they can play into your hands, if we are talking about your enemies. The closer the enemy is to you, the bigger the indicator becomes, so when you are running or shooting, you will create noise. But this can be avoided simply by holding down the Shift key. 

Attention! While shooting, noise occurs even if you press the Shift key. The indicator will light up in any case.

  • Do not shoot on the move

If you see an opponent, it is better to stop, aim and shoot only after that. But if you want to practice shooting on the move, you have such an opportunity, because the developers created a firing range for this purpose, where you can practice and improve your skills. 

Advice from us: it is better to combine shooting with silent running. How to run quietly, we explained in the previous paragraph. Why is this the case? The Valorant perceives firing in silent running mode in the same way as aiming on the spot, which will give you the opportunity to aim carefully.

  • Keep the scope at head level

Shooting quickly will give you a 50% chance of victory, while aiming at your head will give you a 100% chance of victory. Since it causes enemies to die much faster than a limb shot. Therefore, when moving, try to keep your aim at the level of your opponent's head.