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«One minute I was in Kiev, in It land, then I found myself in the sea, among fish and dolphins, and a little later in the savannah, among lions».

Hearing that, you don't immediately understand how all these events can happen to an ordinary person in such a short period of time. But no, anything is possible now!

  • With virtual reality glasses, which we now have in our club, you can be anywhere.

If you dreamed of a roller coaster ride, without spending a lot of time on the road to them to feel as a character from your favorite computer game, or land on a planet where no man has set foot. In this case - VR is just for you.

See cyberspace from the first person, being inside the action, is now possible. Touch the world of virtual reality with us. Come to It land on Troyeschina and take a look at everything with your own eyes.

Interesting fact about VR

  • Prototype virtual reality glasses were tested on a cow farm, where the animals were projected a field.

  • The first tests recorded a decrease in anxiety and an improvement in the emotional state of the herd. 

  • The prototype was created taking into account the skull structure and visual characteristics of the cows. 

P.s. No cows were harmed.