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Dota 2 characters


Continuing to explore Dota 2. In the last issue, we covered the basics and gave tips for those new to the game. 

Let's take a look at the characters and the features they use during the game. It should be mentioned that your choice of character will directly determine your role in the game. Therefore, choose the hero that you will like. 

In total, there are three characteristics in Dota 2:

  • Strength. Is responsible for the update rate of health.

  • Dexterity. Increases attack speed. 

  • Intelligence. Responsible for mana recruitment and regeneration.

For these characteristics heroes are divided into three main groups:

Axe, Mars, Alchemist, Sven, Pudge and Huskar can deal more damage than other heroes, as they are endowed with "power". They have a faster health refresh rate than the others.

Characters of the second group are endowed with great speed and strong damage, which is why they can go on creeps and members of the enemy team without fear. Remember that at the beginning of the game you will not see all of their capabilities, they are revealed only after the purchase of all artifacts. These characters include Sniper, Ursa, Luna, Phantom Lancer and Ricky.

The characters with the most intelligence are usually mages. Thanks to a large supply of mana they can use their own skills, which can play a decisive role during the fight. Such characters include Zeus, Witch Doctor, Lina, Silencer, Dazzle and Lyon.

Each character has features, but not every player knows how to use them.

  • Luna, Sniper, Anti-Mage - although these characters may seem weak at the beginning of the game, you will change your mind at the end. If they gather all the necessary items - you won't overpower them anymore. It should be said that these characters need to gain experience and gold quickly. This can be done by farming creeps or helping to kill them. 

  • Zeus, Invoker, Lina. Their superpower is Nurker, or, in ordinary words, fast damage. Can deal a lot of damage to multiple targets with their active skills. 

  • Slardar, Mars, Disruptor are unique characters that can knock anyone out of the game. It's up to you to stun or incapacitate (if you play as one of these characters, of course).

  • Io, Puck, Ricky. Each of us has dreamed of becoming invisible, well, in Dota 2, it is possible if you choose one of these creatures. They are endowed with capabilities that will allow you to quickly escape from the scene of battle. You will be able to dash, become invisible or teleport.

  • Void, Alchemist and Axe play almost the most important role in the game. They are the first to attack the enemy, impose control effects and allow their team to finish off the target.

  • Trent Protector, Chen, Dazzle - they act as support and organize the conditions for the teammates to farm safely. They can also buy items to help the team. 

  • Huskar, Pudge, Bristleback are characters with strong stamina who can take damage and protect the rest of the friendly team.

  • Leshkara, Furion, Lancer's Phantom - endowed with the ability to smash enemy structures faster than the rest.

  • Lifestealer, Axe, Lycan - characters that get experience and gold in the forest, not, like the others - on the line.