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A selection of virtual reality movies


Modern technology is no longer something distant and unknown to us. What 20 years ago might have seemed like fantastic fiction, today is our reality. Our smartphones, computers, smart watches - the devices that we use every day - used to seem like something unbelievable and unreal.

So let's dive into the world of science fiction together, maybe something from these movies, in a few years will come true. Who knows...

The Matrix

Everyone's well-known film of the genre of sci-fi action, 1999. Already conquered the audience a long time ago with a unique storyline and star cast.

The world, which seemed familiar, is just a projection of a global computer that uses people to get the energy they need to run the machines. Most people do not even realize it, but the protagonist of the movie - Neo, decides to uncover this secret, which lies behind an infinite number of codes and ciphers. It was he who started the fight against the power of the machines.

The Lawnmower

A 1992 film of the horror and sci-fi genre. 

A young talented scientist conducts experiments on a mentally retarded lawn mower. He aims to discover mankind a cure that will turn an ordinary man into a real genius. The scientist carries out his idea using computer technology, where he creates a three-dimensional world that seems more appealing than ordinary. But, after the intervention of the U.S. military forces - everything gets out of hand and the lawnmower turns into a real monster that wants to take over the world. 

Source Code

If the genre of detective, thriller and a little sci-fi were added to Groundhog Day, shorten the time, the world would probably see a movie similar to this one. The main character is in virtual reality, on a train, with only eight minutes to find the culprit and disarm the bomb. These actions are repeated all the time. Will the central character manage to overcome this endless chain of one event? 


Fantastic action thriller, 2009.

Criminals are punished in virtual reality. Once a week, a duel is staged, the main prize being survival. But all is not so simple, because, the bodies of heroes are controlled by outside players who are on the other side of the screen. The main character, an unjustly convicted man, is one of the most successful fighters in the game, controlled by a young gamer. But to him, the condemned man is a graphic image, and nothing more.

Want to try your hand at being the main character in the mesmerizing world of technology movies?

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