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Burst Damage and BG


In general, it's clear, if you get a lot of damage, the probability of winning the game decreases. That's why you need to be careful and talk to your teammates about tactics of the game. 

What is Burst Damage?

Generally, Damage is the action which decreases the health rate. It can be inflicted by characters, creeps, fountains, Roshan or long ago.

  • It's worth noting that each damage has its own type

So let's look at the types of damage to make sense of the game:

Your health score can decrease from interacting with items, characters that attack you, or because of properties. 

Each character starts with an average level of damage they can inflict; as the game progresses, characters gain the ability to deal more damage for each attribute point.

Traits and items deal a fixed amount of damage, but due to attributes, the health status of enemies - the amount of damage can increase

If we have understood how attack damage works, then we should consider the damage that can be caused by magic. 

Magic damage is damage that is not caused by attacks. It operates on the principle of casting spells, which, in turn, deliver magic, physical or pure damage.

The main types of damage in Dota 2

Magical, physical and pure.

You can counter the power of physical damage with armor or damage blocking, which are caused by normal attacks and some spells. 

In turn, magical damage can be repulsed by magic resistance, it is caused by most of the properties. 

But the pure one is the most dangerous, it cannot be countered by armor or resistance to magic. But if you thought that this type of damage will definitely knock you down, then we hasten to note that here too there is a chance to bypass the damage or to lighten it a little. It can be increased or on the contrary decreased with the special features, such as Dispersion or Soul Catcher. This type of damage can be dealt to creatures that are immune to spells, but it is powerless against invulnerable creatures.

Now we can come to the explanation of what Burst Damage or Burst is - it is a large amount of damage, in a short time period. As we have already understood, at the beginning of the game it is impossible to inflict it, but as we collect artifacts and develop the game, the probability increases. 

  • As we know, time is very important in the game, so being able to inflict damage on your opponent in a short amount of time is a big enough step on the way to victory.

So why are BG and Burst Damage related?

It's simple, BG is a Bad Game. If your opponents inflicted heavy damage on your team, if you failed to capture the enemy's throne, or if most of your team is missing at the beginning of the game, then the interaction of these expressions becomes quite clear.

The enemy has inflicted heavy Damage on us, looks like it's going to be BG, time to cast. 

Can also be used as Boring Game. Usually, can be heard at the end of the game, when you can draw conclusions about the match.