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Everyone is probably familiar with the game Dota 2. In this cyber-discipline there are many tournaments and leagues held annually, in which teams from all over the world participate. Prize funds of tournaments reach millions of dollars, they have repeatedly become the largest in the history of eSports.

Many critics and gaming experts have noted the quality of graphics, the number of features in the game, but they also noted that the only drawback is the difficulty to learn.

That's why we'll help you to understand the game and give you some tips.

What do you know about Dota 2?

During the match in Dota 2 there is a battle between two teams - Light and Dark.

Each team has:

  • 5 players.

  • 3 lines (top, middle and bottom), they lead to the throne

  • 1 throne

  • 12 towers, 4 on each line, they prevent your opponents from getting to the throne 

Also in the game there are characters that attack enemies and buildings, they appear periodically and are called creeps.

The goal of the game is simple: destroy all enemy towers and the enemy throne. To do this is only possible with a well-coordinated team game.

You need experience to level up and unlock new abilities, and gold to buy artifacts. They can be obtained by breaking enemy towers and killing creeps.

When, just logged into Dota 2, do not forget that:

  • You will be offered to come training - do not skip it. This is a common mistake beginners who, because of this, then do not understand what's what. It's better to spend a little time in the beginning to get a better feel for the game. In addition, during the match, it will be difficult to figure out, because the enemy team will immediately figure out who does not understand anything.
  • If you feel unsure, it's better to tell your teammates. Then they will help you or at least be sympathetic.

  • Watch the mini-map. The situation on it can change unpredictably, which will require a quick reaction.

  • If you are a beginner, it is always worth understanding that the enemy team may be stronger than you. Therefore it is not advised to go straight to the opponents alone, it is better to ask for help from several players from your team. 

  • Watch the Dota 2 guides, this will help speed up the learning process. Also you'll be able to learn about effective strategies and mods. 

In the next issue we'll tell you about the game's characters and their function in the game. Stay tuned.